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Your thinking is the central of your personality

Posted on July 20, 2011 at 4:03 PM

      Success comes from the latin language  ¨SUCCESSUS¨  which means achievement, triumph, attended goal ect... Every day people fix and plan to attend their goal. We admite that any constructive thought may be converted into reality. But the question you and I should ask is why  all then are not attended?                                                  

       Let´s pretend we can find an answer for this complex debat. Since I was a child my vision was to become millioniare. I knew what I wanted and visualized everything that was needed. But all this was an imagination.

      The difference between success and fixing goal is one means vizion and the other action. as are they both important for the happiness we might understand their concept just to be able to handle them. To attend any distinction in life their are 3 things that are the great value. Which are:

YOUR THOUGHT. I am not talking about your dream. I mean what you think. Your thinking is the central of your personality. it determines your inner you. If you do not get control of it, I mean if you do not program your mind to believe you can, this can be achieved nothing doing.

The second one is TAKING ACTION. Whatever you plan to do till you stand up and go for it forever remains a simple desire. Most often you forget it after a short period of times.

The third and last one seems to be similar to the second but be not confused in comparing them for, each one has a specific purpose and why to be. PERSISTENCE. Persisting is not only do what you are doing. It is determining, sacrifying yourself, giving your times, overcoming obstacles, accepting your current lifestyle even if it is so far to reflect the one are you. it is whatever it can be my dream will come true.

      we are so different with though different kind of problems however the steps forward changing of situation are quietly the same. Thinking, acting to get the necessary result. Do you want to be successful?

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