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3 keys to fight againts the doubt...

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 2:26 PM

      Many cases of failure we count are the cause of the doubt, a low self confidence. Belief is the foundation of all success, the cement that stick your action to the achievement. Inversely, when you doubt there is unconsciously a disconnection from the motivation to act to the determination of succeeding that is made. We know the brain is the central of all the commands. It is in our disposition. Unfortunately reacts according to our current state. If you doubt that means you underestimate your capacity, or do not discover your potential yet. Howsover, you keep dreaming, still want you to become someone else. How can you achieve your goal while you do not believe you can? Your mind knows when you are afraid. As a faithful servant it holds the body members to do nothing, or to badly act till you give up. Thing you may not know, like a real automatic system, any inactive thought, feeling, desire, things you do not work on during a long period of time your mind just stocks them as trash. That is why you do not remember of many of the things you have planned in life.

      Now, how can you fix this issue? Very simple. Perhaps you are asking why do so many people suffer this adiction while is it so easy to be cured. Then let me tell you that the problem is not the konwing but in applying what you have learned. Whatever the knowlegde, the intelligence someone has, if he/she uses it not, nothing it serves to be.

      Knowing what are you capable of doing is the main key. If you do not identify what your ability is you will always afraid to face the problem. Be litle or big.

      The other point is the self improvement. Sometimes there is reason to be afraid for, our truition knows our weaknesses. It knows when we really can not. If it requests some more skill for this achievement educate yourself.

      The 3rd and essential part is to try no matter the result is. Rome was not built in one day. And is not it said: Practice makes perfect?

      I hope that information may bring you to the road of success and open your eyes to visualize your destiny. Do not let anything stop you from succeeding.

Categories: Anxiety, Happiness

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