Think Hard and reward yourself.

Change your mind, live your life.

       Man is the result of his thought.You are who you want yourself to be.                     Dieujuste Gerard

         Did you ever realize that almost of the world’s resources are controlled by only 5% of the mankind?  Even though all the world’s money was redistributed to each person, over a period of time, those who have knowledge would continue to be the ones controlling them. Why, then? What makes the difference between a poor and a rich man? The answer is quite simple.  Their mental atittude.  These both people react differently to the same situation. A winner always has an adventirious spirit, seeks for where  things are difficult, risks even though he does not know well the path of success. He does not give up easily because of the obstacles. He knows what he wants. He learns from his mistakes and, starts again. He is intelligent, dynamic and flexible. He trusts in change and easily adapts himself with any kind of circumstances. He keeps trying even if it seems like there is no more opportunity. For, he thinks life may offer any surprise at the end.

However, those who fail are always afraid to face the danger. They are reticent, work with their body but, in their mind they have not changed. They do not accept advice, and, when they are stuck they give up easily. In both cases, the list keep going on. Like  Anthony Robbins said: Awaken the giant within If you are still where you are it is because it is not interested you to change yourself". Everything is possible. If you want to transform your economic, professional or, personal situation, now is the best time to start with the process.

         I must confess that it is not easy to succeed. Nevertheless, this should not be an excuse anyway. No one was born to fail. Even though it requires sacrifices you are to be your dreams. Your dreams, even your big one.

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          No matter where you are in the world, whatever your situation is, whether you are educated or not, change for the better can be yours.

          Dieujuste G. your online instructor