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Interpret people's non verbal language

Posted on May 4, 2011 at 12:26 PM

        One of the things people dislike is to be observed. Above all when other's reaction reflect a negative attitude. According to analyst Kurt Lewin, people take pressure and work better well under observation.

        Is it good or bad when someones looks at you? Depending on the situation in which are you it may be a great tool to improve and avaluate many areas of your life. When someone gets a look on you that means you have somewhere that needs a special attention. If you perfectly belive in yourself there is no reason to be afraid. However, as in life there is always " up side down moment " it would be a great advice to always revise your existence. Why not that observation to fix once your personality? It is impossible to look at behind you without a mirror. Believe. There are things you can not percieve by yourself.

        Now, ask a friend of yours, someone you trust to observe the way you act especially when you are not paying attention to. Ask him to avaluate every action you make and the way peolpe react to your conduct. Ask another one, even somebody you do not have any relation with to do the same and then compare what they say. With this you will be able to enterpret people's non verbal language and know which step to be taken to reshape your life.

        When you know what people think about you you handle well your interaction with them, and the result is almost always positive.

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