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Focus on the solution not on the problem

Posted on May 17, 2011 at 5:09 PM

Look at this image and tell me what do you see.

How many figures are there in that image? I hope you could find more than what you have seen. If not, make another look and find out them.

      Now, why could not you once see them? The orbit at the first sight captures the more visible image and record it. Because of the appearance or the size you focus on it till you loose all the interests of visualising things around.

      Every day we are facing difficult situation, things for which we struggle to find a solution. When we too much focus on the pain we are receiving, the obstacles we have to overcome we unfortunately can not percieve the opportunities that present to us. Alexander Graham Bell has once said: <<When a door closes another opens, but we regretfully look upon the closed door that we can not see the opened one>>. Step back. look around you. Surely there will be a way. The house is already burned. They fire you from the company. Now imagine how you gonna build your own business. Do not even think why does your spouse give you up while always were you faithful. Try to be confident. Give more love. Be she get back or find another boy.

      All your concentration, efforts must go forward leaving your frustration, humiliation behind you. Do not pay attention to why those things hapend to you. Remember; The secret of being successful is to:

Accept the reality,

Focus on your goal

Forget the rest.

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Reply Quiet Girl
4:57 AM on May 30, 2011 
Great post..

thank you..

But I find it difficult to read the posts..I think you need to write in will be clearer..

Quiet Girl..